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What about Dr. Seuss striped socks?
Wide Stripes of Black, white, red, or any color you would like.

Consider the Primavera socks. It knits up quickly and the name means spring - implying new beginnings and such. You could even knit it in pretty greens.

BTW, Touchdown is a *very* important sign.

My current favorite is the Nine-to-Five sock pattern (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nine-to-five-socks). It's easy to memorize and went pretty quick for me. I even liked them so much I've knit the pattern TWICE - and that never happens!

I second the Primavera socks. Beth encouraged me to knit them. They are lovely and surprisingly quick.

Don't have a pattern, but wanted to wish you luck on the upcoming cycle. And for what its worth my girl baby farts and burps like a boy and probably finds more humor in it than my boy child! Go figure.

Good Luck on the cycle and I think you could finish a pair of socks before then. I third the Primavera. It would work with almost any sock yarn. The roving looks amazing!!!!!!!!

I don't have a suggestion for a pattern, but you need to use some PINK yarn, whatever pattern you choose.

the crystal palace website has quite a few simple sock pattern - my mom swears by them.


I haven't had a chance to try any yet but they all look good!

and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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